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Mount Hermon Lodge #002 - AF & AM
930 Fair Street SW, Atlanta, GA/USA, 30314






The History of Mount Hermon Lodge #002 Atlanta, GA

This was a day that the Grand Architect of the universe created, let us rejoice in it and be glad!

On May 1st, 1994, a handful of operative masons were inspired to establish a Masonic lodge adopting the name Mount Hermon Lodge #2.   Mount Hermon Lodge #2 was granted its warrant which empowered them to hold regular communications and practice ritualistic work.  This warrant was granted by the Mount Sinai Grand Lodge A.F.A.M., located at 1433 Watson Street, Atlanta Georgia, and was affiliated with Fidelity United Supreme Council of Washington, D.C.

Mount Hermon Lodge #2 began holding regular communication shortly thereafter. The members included Brothers W.L. Stafford, (Parted this world in 2001), M.W.G.M. Richard Green, installed Joseph LaFrance as W.M., Willie Floyd King as S.W., Alonza McTure as J.W., W.J. Early as Secretary, James Clark as Treasurer, Larry Campbell as S.D., and David Morris as Tyler.  During W.M. Joseph LaFrance’s time in the East, Mount Hermon Lodge #2 received her charter, empowering them to initiate, pass, and raise candidates during his two and a half years in office.

In May of 1996, new officers were elected and installed: Brother Melvin Clark as W.M., David Morris as S.W., Larry Campbell as J.W., Billy Bush as Secretary, James Clark as Treasurer, Rickey Critney as S.D., Wilbert Leggett as J.D., Seaborn Kelly as Tyler, and Willie Floyd King as Chaplin.

On May 19th, 1997, and under the leadership of M.W.G.M. Billy Carroll, M.W. Sons of St. Joseph Grand Lodge of Morrow GA invited us to join them. Affiliated with the International Supreme Council A.F.A.M. 7101 South Menco Ave, Los Angeles, CA, and under the Jurisdiction and command of M.W.S.G.C Dr. P.J. Jones 33° (Parted this world in April 2003), Mount Hermon Lodge #2 commenced its communications in Morrow, GA.  Entering this new venue, Mount Hermon Lodge #2 answered the knock of 12 candidates wishing to gain admittance to the lodge, adding to its growing roster of worthy Brothers. However, due to decreasing membership in 1998, Melvin Clark had appointed officers to fill the vacancies in his administration until the next election. The appointments were Brothers Kelvin L Bush as Secretary, Wilbert Leggett as S.D., and Billy Bush as J.D. Additional increases in the membership of Sons of St. Joseph Grand Lodge forced a change in location, causing flux in lodge operations.
To help remedy the problem, Brother Willie Floyd King proposed to Mt Hermon Lodge #2 that it should change its venue to the Mount Tabor Baptist Church located at 928 Fair St. S.W. Atlanta, Georgia where he is the Chairman of Deacons, and Reverend Willie Foster who is the Pastor. With a majority vote in agreement, Mt. Hermon Lodge #2 relocated to where we currently hold communications on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. We thank GOD for Brother Willie F. King for noble assistance of keeping Mt. Hermon out of the weather. Thanks a million!




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