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Mount Hermon Lodge #002 - AF & AM
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Mount Hermon Lodge #002 - AF & AM

J.W. Message::

Are you a Master Mason ?

The answer should always be: I am so taken and accepted among ALL brothers and fellows. As a master mason, I take pride in being part of our beautiful craft, and in particular, in being a member of my Lodge, who's members comprise of good men, as all duly and constituted lodges should be. As a Master Mason, are you conducting yourself as a true Masonic Brother ? Only you can answer this question, honest introspection will reveal the truth.

The principle virtues of Freemasonry are Faith, Hope, and Charity. And as Masonic Brethren, we ought to conduct ourselves in an upright manner with all mankind, where we greet each other on the Level, keep ourselves circumscribed, and part on the Square. These fundamental tenets provide the blueprint for how we should conduct ourselves within the craft. We should all strive to live by this blueprint of Brotherly love, meeting on the level, parting on the square, and keeping oneself circumscribed within bounds not only with mankind, but also with a fellow brother. I understand this to mean that no matter from where a brother hails, no matter his race, his age, religious beliefs, jurisdiction, or walk of life, we are all Brothers. If we are true Master Masons, then it should be of no concern when it comes to these differences. This is what strengthens the craft, and smooth out rough edges while we continue to build our temples.

So in closing, Greetings to all Masonic Brothers, PHA Affiliations, International Affiliations, Brothers from around the world, no matter who you are or where you are from, I greet you as a fellow Brother. And when we meet, I will grip you as you grip me, because we have all have traveled the same path to light, to become a Brother of this Craft. As a Master Mason, there should be no other way to greet another Brother, other than on the Level, and part on the square!

Bro. Doug Reid, J.W.



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